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About us


Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics is dedicated to providing high-technology accredited analyses and quality services for the breeding, agro, agro-biotech, food and feed industries. The laboratory is located in Malmö, which is in the southernmost part of Sweden, only 30 minutes from Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.

For more than 10 years Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics has been supplying services in the area of high-technology analyses and today we have customers from all continents. Our business is focused on supplying breeders and agro-biotech companies with services, e.g. GMO, DNA-based, allergen, virus and pathogen analyses.

The company has a high level of expertise in quality assurance, traceability, bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, agronomy and plant breeding. Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics holds ISO17025 accreditation since January 2003 and holds an ISO 14001 environment accreditation since 2012.


Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics is certified for GMO analyses of seeds by MPI (New Zealand) for imports to New Zealand and by Bayer CropSciences for LL601 analyses of rice. All GMO analyses follow the guidelines established by CEN and AFOR.

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