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Quality & Environmental policy

Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics strives to maintain a consistently high quality of the business. In this policy, the word "quality" relates both to quality work in accordance with EN ISO17025:2018 as well as environmental management system according to EN ISO14001:2015. The analytical methods used for testing and quality management system that controls the activity must as a minimum meet the requirements of laws and regulations, accreditations and certification bodies.  

The purposes of the quality management system are to:

  • Ensure quality in terms of organization, impartiality, operations and the methods and procedures used.This is to ensure the results will be accurate, reproducable adn independent of who initiated or performed the laboratory work.
  • Minimize our environmental footprint; including air, water, land, natural resources, flora, fauna and humans and their interactions.

By constantly improving the quality, we adapt the business so that we can increase customer satisfaction and reduce the company's environmental impact. Knowledge and expertise of all personnel shall be maintained and developed through relevant training. Equipment shall be appropriate and chosen to reduce its environmental impact in order to ensure reliable services. All personnel shall have access to all necessary documentation, be well aware of the quality management system and follow its procedures. 

Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics has identified and defined quality aspects, targets and goals which are regularly monitored and reviewed. Intertek ScanBi Diagnostics constantly strive to improve the effectiveness of the management system and is committed to satisfy the requirements imposed by the ISO-accreditation bodies.

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